We want to make electric bikes more accessible

We believe that travelling should be a pleasure for mind, body and soul. We believe that everyone wants to arrive fresh and clear-minded after their daily commute without sweat.

We also believe that people want to make a transport choice that doesn’t damage the environment too badly. So we care about individual and shared well being and we set out to make this easy for you too.

This is why we chose to develop a very small range (only two, otherwise how can each one be best of breed?) and to design it specially to make your travelling easy. We went to 50 bike factories – France, Italy, Lithuania, around Asia. We made a lot of choices. A saying that we like, “Do only one thing and do it well”, is reflected in our niche collection of eBikes, which have the eBikers and prospective eBikers in mind that we know.

We’re here to help you to get eBiking and once you have an eBike our aim is to help you to get the most out of it. The best part is, anyone can pick up an eBike and go. There are no restrictions or frustrations: getting on an eBike puts you in control and makes you feel quite good about what you’re about to do, and a White Bear one especially so. Can we suggest you try one out?